Herbal Enzyme Complex Enzymeis an essential link in stamina, energy level and the ability to utilize vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, as well as contributing to the immune system’s ability to protect our health. Herbal enzyme works on all pH levels 1-9, enzyme works by breaking down old cellular mucous and toxings, then expelling it from the organism, some enzymes enable various areas of body to perform at their maximum cellular metabolic rate and aid in the natural unlocking and unbinding of minerals, making them more efficiently useful at a cellular level. Liquid enzyme is a assimilated instantly for immediate use by the body.Most pills or tablets have much lower absorption rate with some as low as 5%. The absorption rate for GENEBEAUTY Herbal Enzyme Complex is about 99%. General Dosage: 30~90c.c.diluted with 150~500c.c. of drinking water (must be under 40°C), one dose every morning and evening. Ingredient: Made from 100+ different western and oriental herbs including 9 major types of vegetable blend: bulbs, flowers, fruits, fungi, leaves, roots, seeds, stems, tubers © Copyright BEAUTY’S SECRET COSMETICS USA 2012