Estrotide Herbal + Estrotide Herbal + use Chinese traditional medicine and western folk medicine to create the most natual antispasmodic, an expectorant, and a sedative for asthma, bronchitis and respiratory spasms. It is also used as blood purifier. Function: Contains high amounts of isoflavones, such as daidzin, daidzein, genistin, and genistein, which has estrogenic properties. Double-blind studies found that menopausal women had improved health by using it, and it is also used as an antispasmodic, an expectorant, a sedative, tonic, and anticancer activity. Estrotide Herbal + is significant effectiveness for treating menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, emotional disturbances, osteoporosis and decreased sexual activity. Cardiovascular Health Menopause increases a woman's risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Supplementation with red clover isoflavones has been associated with a sizeable increase in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, or "good" cholesterol in pre- and postmenopausal women, leading some researchers to believe that these isoflavones may help protect against cardiovascular disease. Interestingly, one recent study found that menopausal women taking Estrotide herbal + supplements experienced a significant improvement in arterial compliance (a measure of the strength and resilience of the arterial walls). Arterial compliance diminishes during menopause and may increase a woman's risk for heart disease. Osteoporosis Menopause increases a woman's risk for developing osteoporosis (significant bone loss). Some studies suggest that isoflavones may slow bone loss and even boost bone mineral density in pre- and perimenopausal women. Cancer One of the most useful remedies for children with skin problems. It may be used with complete safety in any case of childhood eczema. It is also useful for the treatment of other chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis. The expectorant and anti-spasmodic action give this remedy a role in the treatment of coughs and bronchitis, especially in whooping cough. it also can be used for treating cancerous growths, leprosy and pellagra in combination with blue violet, burdock, yellow dock, dandelion root, rock rose, and goldenseal. Used alone it is believed to be good for cancer of the stomach, whooping cough, and for various spasms. © Copyright BEAUTY’S SECRET COSMETICS USA 2012