GENEHEAL CleanBlood+ © Copyright BEAUTY’S SECRET COSMETICS USA 2012 For many years we were under the impression that micro-organisms were at the root of most diseases, and eating too much food was the main factor in weight gain. But now, scientific advances have allowed us to understand the body better, leading to some very interesting information on the mechanism behind disease. Do you want to slow down the aging process? Do you want to stop the progression of disease? Would you like to stop your body from continually putting on pounds like an eager storage bank? If your answers are yes, then you will need to understand the process of inflammation in the body and how to stop it. When we think of inflammation we tend to think about an injury with the resulting heat, redness and pain. Or perhaps you have experienced the heat and pain of a bad sore throat, or a swollen arthritic joint. But what you may not realize is that inflammation happens throughout your body. Inflammation is a tactic of your immune system to fight invaders, clean up toxic messes, and control allergens. A small amount of appropriate inflammation is good and helpful in the body. However modern diet, stress, and lack of exercise, to name a few, are creating a fire within that is destroying your health. For example, we now understand that the body creates an inflammatory reaction in the artery walls that triggers high blood pressure and plaque build-up. Are you overweight? Fat cells produce inflammatory molecules that trigger inflammation in the body, slow the metabolism, and contribute to weight gain. Aging is accelerated by the process of inflammation. In fact every known disease is tied into the process of inflammation. What triggers inflammation? • Too much stress • Too much sugar and processed foods • Too many trans fats (like in fried foods), not enough • good fats (like omega 3 oils) • Exposure to toxins and chemicals • Being overweight: excess fat creates inflammation • which in turns makes you gain more weight! • Too little exercise • Allergens • Infections and injuries In order to stop the progression of inflammation in the body, we must change the way we eat, control and reduce our stress, and increase and improve our exercise programs. We can start by GENEHEAL CleanBlood that reduce inflammation. Rich in Taiwanofungus camphoratus with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it's the first step to disease fighting. INGREDIENTS: Taiwanofungus Camphoratus, Reishi Mushroom, Glossogyne tenuifolia Cass, Creeping Liriope, Dendrobium Huoshanense, Common Wax-Plant. GENERAL DOSAGE: For general health care purposes 1~2 capsule a day. For intensive health care purposes 3~6 capsule a day. For patients under treatments 6~9 capsule a day. STORAGE: Store in dry place. Protect from heat, light, and moisture.